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Termite Control Drilling

Termite Control Drilling

Termite Control Service

Ecosafe Pest Control Services provides all kinds of termite control services all cities in Bangladesh. There are two kinds of technologies of post construction termite protection system. Traditional Termite Control Service and Bait Station Termite Control Service. Basically Termites are directed by one or multiple queens in a termite colony. A termite’s colony can be covered one square kilometer area with their destroying activities. They can be destroy your wooden furniture, Door Frames, Clothes, Books and any things which is carrying cellulose.

Termite Family

Termite Family

Cellulose is the one and only food of Termite. Worker Termite collect cellulose from woods or wooden maters. 55 to 90 days a general worker termite life duration. But a queen can live 15 to 80 years. In a termite family there are One primary queen and may be some secondary queen available. Also one or multiple termite kings has been living in termite colony. There have some aggressive termite with strong jaw that’s called solder Termite. Detective termites are called flying termites also and the have been finding sources of cellulose for next aggression in middle February to middle April. (It has been changing due to climate fluctuating).

Termite Control Drilling

Termite Control Drilling

Methods of Post Construction Termite Control Service :

Traditional Termite Control Service Methods :

Door Frames  and scatting drilling is most important to preventative protection of Termite in the traditional Termite Control Service method.

  1. Door Frames Drilling
  2. Floor Scatting Drilling
  3. Switch Board Fumigation
  4. Termiticide injecting or spraying

Bait Station Method

Bait station method is the best method of termite protection for long term. But in Bangladesh not available sufficient number of bait station and requiem (Cellulose Bait).

  1. Installing Bait Station
  2. Filling Requiem (Cellulose Bait)
  3. Monitoring and re-filling requiem until finish queens.

Free Inspection

Ecosafe Pest Control Services provides 100% Termite investigation  for client.

Service Charge

As per negotiation after termite investigation of infested properties.

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